Nthabi Taukobong has had a career spanning over 23 years in the industry working on esteemed residential and leisure projects for Presidents, African Royalty, top CEO’s, South Africa’s 5 Star Hotel groups and even the Governor of the Reserve Bank (to name but a few). She has undertaken projects spanning from Johannesburg, to Mauritius, Rwanda, DRC, and Nigeria and as far afield as Ethiopia. Most with resounding success and others resulting in very painful and often public learning experiences.

Nthabi is one of the most celebrated Interior Designers in the industry and has most notably held the beacon for those of previously disadvantaged backgrounds, who in the beginning of her career were amazed that such a path was possible or even existed.

In her book, Nthabi reveals the truth about her journey in design and the pitfalls and challenging terrain she had to manoeuvre herself through, determined for a clearer, more forgiving way and understanding of her chosen field.

As one of the first Black and very recognizable face of Interior Design, Nthabi was thrust into the limelight from the very start of her career.

But often times fate leads us where we least expect it, and in her journey of discovery and quiet reflection, Nthabi saw an important moment to share her own story of this often glamorized career. In turn she reconnected with her passion and her own reason why she had pursued such a path in the first place.

This is a book that not only allows the reader an inside peek into the behind the scenes of the glamorous world in design and décor, but  into a career once never considered as an option for a young, girl born in Soweto.

It was in writing a letter one night congratulating herself on her career and reaching a milestone of 21 years that Nthabi discovered she was not only writing to herself, but to every creative.

Her letter ended up being an entire book.

And as she wrote, Nthabi finally understood her purpose of being one of the first persons in a field once reserved for the few and elite, and how her unique story could encourage and inspire others. Not only through the beautiful interiors that she has been exposed to, but by sharing the truth about her own personal victories and most often blunders and falls and the incredible lessons learnt along the way…