Nthabi is a very relatable Interior Designer and Lifestyle Consultant based in Johannesburg South Africa and her length and depth of experience in this creative field is inspirational to a wide and varied audience from Soweto to Singapore.

She has a great love for children and the youth and strongly believes that dreams and businesses are born from a free-spirited and creative mind, which she is a champion of motivating and encouraging.

Nthabi has seen the best and worst of design in Africa and around the world. Over the years, she has undertaken extensive international travel that has seen her in the homes of clients from all walks of life as well as in leisure environments fit for royalty.

And in all her world class design exposure, Nthabi found that it was in the way that she and the people she was designing for live in relation to nature that was the key to a successful designer space. How we all respond consciously or subconsciously to our natural surroundings and the impact that this has on our daily lives was an area that Nthabi began to hone in on.

Nthabi takes the responsibility of being a designer rooted in Africa very seriously and has been a commendable Influencer helping to showcase elements of design from the continent that inspire global design trends.

For an authentic connection to a designer with soul who discovered her true essence of design in Africa through her own years of experience, book Nthabi for your next corporate event, inspirational workshop or even for a chat about life in Africa from an Interior Designer’s perspective.

Nthabi is a passionate champion of selling Africa to the world and with two decades working in the leisure industry in AFRICA, Nthabi is the person to book for events, seminars and business functions to motivate an audience to fall in love with the natural beauty of an incredible continent.

She has endorsed design and trade shows in Africa, worked with big brands in launching products that grow and enhance our carbon footprint in and around the world, connected with the creative elders of our continent and continues to shine the spotlight on buying and supporting fare trade, locally made goods, products and designs .

For a behind the chair perspectives on what it truly means to be an Interior designer, and helping Clients heal through design, book Nthabi for your upcoming event…

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