LIONESS Living….

In 2017, I celebrated 21 years in the Interior Design industry and during that time of quiet reflection, I realized that I now held the key to my own creative Queendom.

Lioness Living is an blog where one can find motivation, inspiration and support in living your best truth, authentically so. I draw my strength from my lionesses legacy as I too have fought, struggled and won my own life challenges to become the Queen in my very own Queendom.

After 21 years working as an Interior Designer throughout the continent, I finally came to the realization that Interior Design was not the act of simply placing furniture around a designer space, but also helping others design their inner beings to be able to handle and walk through life more powerfully.

And with the key to my creative Queendom, I in turn decided to create my own platform of motivation and inspiration through a Blog giving access into the way in which I live my life, in my own home.

Journey with me in 2019 as I undertake my most truthful project of designing my own life and home. And as I tackle various spaces in my house, I share a very rare and intimate access into my own Lioness Living.

In this platform, I share tips about renovating our own spaces from within, starting with our souls and working our way out towards our actual décor so that we may all know and connect with our own Lionesses within.