“A single bracelet does not jingle”African Proverb

In her aim in creating an African Luxury Lifestyle brand far reaching our borders and beyond, NTHABI TAUKOBONG partners up with key industry players in the interior design and lifestyle sector by designing products and services that spread the unique luxury and quality of creations inspired by Africa.

African QUEEN

Once Africa has captured your heart, it never lets you go…

A collaboration between one of the top fabric suppliers in South Africa, Hertex Fabrics and Interior Designer NTHABI TAUKOBONG resulted in a spectacular celebration of colours and textures in a fabric range aptly named AFRICAN QUEEN.

The fabrics schemes reflected the richness of Africa in the striking colour array ranging from golden maize to rich berry and earthy chocolate, sprinkled with desert beige and coal.

“This was an acknowledgement that we are all descendants of great African Kings and Queens”, said NTHABI TAUKOBONG.

The versatile range was exclusively available through Hertex Showrooms countrywide. Read more here:

PINK Label

Pink Label was the brand formed in collaboration between JVB Furniture Collection and NTHABI TAUKOBONG. The inaugural range was dubbed The Penthouse Collection which was broadly inspired by the dynamic pink sunset of a Johannesburg cityscape.

Each furniture piece in the collection was named after a trendy cocktail drink to celebrate a cosmopolitan lifestyle in one of the trendiest cities in Africa.

Cool, sophisticated, modern furniture was exclusively designed by NTHABI TAUKOBONG and made in South Africa. ‘Quality, no matter the style and era is never compromised’, says NTHABI TAUKOBONG of the range. The Penthouse Collection is inspired by the business executive who hops on a plane, is in Lagos for a quick meeting, then off to Luanda for a launch then Accra for the weekend. Attention to detail, no fuss, city lifestyle.

Why not move up to the top floor!” remarks NTHABI TAUKOBONG

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