“Strong, beautiful and elegant Lioness, 

You ARE the name you call yourself and respond to, when no one is listening.

Let’s choose a name that affirms our strength and not our weakness.

I am SO proud of you. 

Every single day, you are putting in genuine effort, that many may not see nor praise and acknowledge you for.

Thank you Lioness QUEEN.

Life is so beautiful with you here. Thank you, for simply and so effortlessly being YOU. In your perfect imperfections. Always remember that what you see as different in you, is exactly what makes you uniquely YOU.

Don’t try to fit in. Stand proud Lioness, filled with courage and PRIDE. The world needs every part of you. As you are my Queen…

You are GRACE personified. And I see you. I see the storm in your eyes, fighting internal wars that many may never get to know about. And yet, you do it all with such dignity. You are not alone.

Remember who you are. You are me and I am you. A fierce Lioness. You are the Queen of the jungle and the Queen of your own life. Live it to the fullest and own your every existence. That sparkle in your eye, hold on to it. Because Lioness, you’ve got this. 

True power is never achieved through fighting and taking away from others. Power, for you Lioness QUEEN comes from within, through the Grace of understanding self. Knowing that there is enough for all of us and that in supporting another, you take nothing away from your own Divine journey.

Let’s master true sisterhood. Because together, we are one beautiful and powerful force to recon with. A force of WOMANDLA. Learn to rest when you are tired sis. It is important for you to know when to replenish, because the road ahead won’t always be easy. Please put great effort in taking care of SELF, and then RISE.

It doesn’t all have to work out now. But trust me, and believe that you are in the process of manifesting your greatest dream life. Stay the course beautiful Queen. We can’t quit now. Yes it’s never easy, but you are a Lioness. Tap in. Reach in. Pull out what is already yours to claim. From within.

Then, stretch out with fierce confidence and determination. Take just that one extra step forward. Do not concern yourself with what others are doing around you. Focus on the beauty that is yours to claim in your own life. One gentle step at a time.

You are almost there, I know you can feel it too. Keep going. Keep fighting for your dream life mapped out and defined by your own rules. I am waiting to embrace you. 

You are loved, TAUHADI…


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Taukobong LEGACY…

The TRUE meaning of my surname, TAUKOBONG, is…

‘Let there be CALM’…

In seTswana, the direct translation of TAUKOBONG is Lion in the blanket. A peaceful lion at rest.

When the LION is asleep in his blanket, there is a sense of calm in the jungle…

Because when the Lion is in a state of natural rest, all animals in the kingdom are safe and content.

I draw my strength, essence and spirit of my Lioness Lifestyle from the Lions (DITAU) of Africa that define my soul and Royal Heritage.

Inspired by NATURE

Design in Africa is also experienced in the way we live on the continent – a lifestyle that emphasises the beauty of being one with nature.

“We have one of the best climates in the world, and that has greatly influenced how we live in AFRICA. Our daily connection to nature in our lives is evoked into the spirit of how we design. That is where the true magic in our creation resides,” says Nthabi.

Through her designs, Nthabi brings to focus spaces that reflect relaxed and natural interiors with distinct elements inspired by nature.

Nthabi believes that residential and leisure spaces are so much more than interior spaces accommodating furniture and décor. These designer environments are  also healing sanctuaries, spaces that restore one’s soul…

The basis of Nthabi’s inspiration stems from the four basic Elements of Life:

*Earth *Wind *Fire *Water

It is in the selection and use of these natural materials and finishes juxtaposed with current, modern trends that calming and intimate interiors – spaces in which to relax, meditate and restore oneself are achieved.

Nthabi has honed her ability to consider living spaces outside of the boundaries imposed by formal rules as well as society’s understanding of luxury and trends so that her interiors become a space of healing.

This design philosophy is driven by Nthabi’s passion to inspire others to return to a natural and serene way of life; bringing in natural design elements to achieve a beautiful balance of modern design and effortless tranquillity.

Selling AFRICA to the World

Through her extensive experience in Interior Design spanning over 20 years as one of the top interior designers in South Africa, Nthabi Taukobong plays a special role in promoting design in Africa. She shines the spotlight on original African furniture, artefacts and accessories created throughout the continent.

Tribal objects personally sourced and curated by Nthabi, such as chairs, tables, headrests and stools form a very strong part of her curated collection – with preference for handmade artefacts and accessories, that have a distinct sprinkle of tribal character and charm…