Every designer wants to have an exclusive edge to their business and positions themselves in a desired light. Most often not wanting to share their inside trade secrets. 

But more than that, especially for those of us not familiar with this relatively new terrain, we don’t know who to turn to for advise and or assistance. 

I am breaking down the walls and I am calling those who have been in the design profession and other industry experts to come sit with me and share tips on how we can ensure that the journey of a creative is not short lived and that we can encourage and support each other in creating sustainable businesses. 

On my ‘monthly’ podcast, we talk about it all – the difficult clients, suppliers, payment terms, projects gone wrong, pitfalls and lessons learnt so that we can help each other stay in the game. 

No topic is off limits. 

We go into the real Interior and reveal what it really unpack the fabrication of this chosen career.