For the past few years I began to question my purpose in this field of design. I had a strong feeling that there was more to my career than I was actually tapping into.

And as I searched and engaged with the very difficult process of revealing a deeper understanding and conversation within my own soul, I came to the realization that I had completed designing just on the surface and was now ready to go even further into the designing of the real interior.

I found that if I was not right within myself, I could not be right with my clients or even my own life, and that there was actually some re-designing in my own being that had to take place.

I spoke to friends and family telling them of my plans to embark on a more soulful path, and simply put more often than not, I was hugely discouraged.

But the calling for truth cannot be ignored and I knew that feeling deep in my core was in fact my real interior.

So I stepped away from projects for just a little, while I dove deeper into myself.

And then I realized there was real work to be done from the inside and that marrying this with my own years of professional experience could also help others heal from within.

Behind the Chair is my monthly podcast simply talking about the unspoken, what we are all faced with in our daily lives and just a few tips and Lioness motivation to help us all continue forward.

We all need a helping hand sometimes as we maneuver our way through this life and I welcome you to tune in SOON to what promises to be an insightful, honest and healing experience from within.